Current Supervisor Nick Paro says a recently released economic impact study the town commissioned shows a catastrophic impact on Salina.

“A new economic impact study commissioned by the town of Salina shows that if I-81 becomes a grid rerouting traffic to Interstate 481, the financial loss would be between 5-15% for many businesses. Salina Supervisor Nick Paro continues to fight against the grid.

‘Keep the interstate going to the city of Syracuse. That’s the easiest solution,’ Paro said. ‘Why cause a problem when we already have … when everything’s working out well right now.’”

Paro is Leading an Effort to Make it Easier for People who Live and Work in the Northern Suburbs to Navigate the New Highway System

“Nick Paro, the new Republican supervisor in the town of Salina, has asked the whole Syracuse delegation to go back to Albany to ask for at least a temporary reprieve on tolls. It is part of Paro’s plan to help businesses and residents in Salina as the redesign of I-81 sends through traffic around Syracuse and the northern suburbs. the plan is for the tolls to be free for drivers who enter and exit the Thruway between exits 34A and 39.”

Gov. Hochul, we’ve waited too long for bail reform already (Your Letters)

Respectfully, Gov. Hochul, we have waited far too long and seen far too often the result of this ultra-progressive legislation.

I ask on behalf of my constituents and our Central New York community, we need our state representatives fighting for our communities and working on fixing these policies that they have put in place.

Nick Paro Wants New York State to Pay for Loss of I-81

Nick Paro is not yet sworn in as the next Salina supervisor. But he’s ready to lay out his longshot demands for New York to repay Syracuse’s northern neighbor for damages caused by the rebuilding of Interstate 81 through the city.

To reach consensus on I-81, consider ‘Grid + Skyway’ proposal (Your Letters)

We write today as a diverse group of local officials, community activists, neighbors and friends. We come from different backgrounds and hold different beliefs. We understand the needs of our communities and the long-term impacts that certain decisions can have on neighborhoods and local businesses. That is why we have joined together to forge a common-ground understanding of what is best for the greater community when it comes to massive infrastructure projects such as the reconstruction of Interstate 81. If done incorrectly, it will be our neighborhoods that suffer first and the most.

Councilor Paro has Decided to Run for Salina Supervisor

LIVERPOOL — After announcing in January that she would run for the position of 4th District County Legislator, Democrat Kathy Zabinski changed her mind. Last week she revealed on Facebook that she is running instead for the job of supervisor in the town of Salina. “This decision was actually an easy one,” Zabinski wrote on Facebook. “Not… Continue reading Councilor Paro has Decided to Run for Salina Supervisor