Supervisor Announcement Letter

Since becoming a Town Councilor, it has been my distinct honor to work with the dedicated public servants on the Town Board. Together we were able to accomplish a lot for the Town of Salina, all the while lowering town taxes for residents each year. With excitement toward the continued success of our town, I have decided to campaign to become the next Town Supervisor for Salina.

I am running for Supervisor after long consideration with mentors, family, and community leaders. I have been part of many great accomplishments as First Ward Councilor. I worked with the rest of the town board on the plan to eliminate the Receiver of Taxes position in order to save taxpayers over $100,000 annually, and we were successful. The current Supervisor and I brought the long talked about idea of a Codes Enforcement Task Force to fruition early in my tenure in order enforce property maintenance and safety across the Town, especially in the Mattydale and Lyncourt neighborhoods. We are currently witnessing our Town Hall being brought into the 21st century with needed improvements. Recently, after discussion with developers and community shareholder, I worked with Supervisor Gunnip to spearhead the creation of an Overlay Zoning District, a designation allowing for easier economic redevelopment of brownfields and vacant property in the Town. This will lead to needed investment in our community. This past summer we successfully completed drainage improvement projects on six roads that have been problematic for years in the 1st Ward.

I have also worked with our State and County representatives to fund important projects in the town. Speed monitoring signs have been added to the school zone on Long Branch Road and a new sidewalk was installed along Cold Springs Road. Both of these projects have helped keep our children safe and will for years to come.

My work in the Town of Salina is far from complete. As Supervisor I will be laser focused on economic development that will help lower taxes for residents while leading to growth and modernization of our Town. I will work towards improving our four corridors connecting Salina to the city (Old Liverpool Road, Brewerton Road, Seventh North Street., Teall Avenue). I plan to pursue more State funding for sidewalks throughout Salina, specifically along Teall Avenue and to extend the Cold Springs Road sidewalk further north eventually connecting it to Long Branch Road. I will be working on upgrades to our parks, specifically this year improving the playground and renovating the pavilion at Duerr Park. I will also be working to provide training in customer service and reception to all Town employees so we can serve our community to the best of our abilities.

Cutting town taxes, investing in our infrastructure, and building our community up through redevelopment and other neighborhood projects have been my focus since joining the Salina Town Board. Now I am running for Supervisor where I can continue to accelerate this growth and rebirth of our neighborhoods throughout the entire town. I am excited about the opportunities in front of us and hoping I can continue to count on your support!

Nick Paro